DIY crafts may be popular, but many a knitter knows the first clumsy completed projects are usually only lovable for the creator. And while some upcycled crafts can make for creative, stylish, reuse of materials, other new-again projects are really quite, um, interesting-looking.

Now, all these weird and scary projects get their own showcase at Regretsy, a new blog highlighting failed craft projects. As you can imagine, quite a few of them are attempts to upcycle crafts -- like the "Time to Grate" grater-turned-clock above. While the grater was apparently eco-consciously salvaged from a thrift shop, the fact that the thing still has food clinging to it (the upcycler says "I got off most of the old cheese," emphasis mine) and looks horrifically dingy does not inspire me to fork over $28 to own the sad clock.
Then there's the Pizza Roll Plastic Guinea Pig (right), made with upcycled pizza roll bags. The crafter certainly went the extra mile in terms of upcycling, since the loose scraps from the project are used as stuffing for the guinea pig -- zero waste! But whether or now you find this toy lovable will depend on how well you can reimagine what a guinea pig looks like -- and perhaps how much you like pizza rolls.

No, not all Regretsy posts are upcycled crafts. Apparently, DIYers are quite adept at creating craft-wrecks out of virgin materials too. Visit the site for laughs and commisseration whenever your own eco craft project doesn't quite turn out the way you intended.

Regretsy: Upcycled crafts gone wrong
Upcycling's eco-friendly -- but doesn't always result in beauty. Regretsy finds humor in fugly handmade crafts.