Got a vintage dress that’s — a little too vintage? Turn it into a cute party dress with a single long snip and a quick run on the sewing machine. Designer and boutique owner Kyung Lee shows how to turn a frumpy dress into sophisticated partywear in the latest issue of Readymade!

ReadyMadeAll you’ll need is the dress you don’t wear, a matching long ribbon, and small piece of elastic. Once decorations are removed and the top snipped off, just pin the dress to fit, sew on the elastic, then put on the dress! Afterwards, tie on the coordinating ribbon and throw on a jacket for a night-out-on-the-town look.

ReadyMade’s always features great upcycling tips in its pages, but the newly redesigned February-March issue boasts some new green-tinted sections, like “Reply All,” which lets readers share their best tips — most of them having to do with creative reuse. For example, one guy called Tim Park in Toronto shares how to turn incandescent bulbs into miniature flower vases — an excellent upcycling idea for all those oldies that have been replaced by CFL bulbs. Get the step by step instructions by picking up the latest issue of ReadyMade.

Remake a party dress, simply
Turn a frumpy vintage dress into a chic party outfit with just a quick snip and a bit of sewing.