Want the skinny tie hipster look — but can’t afford the $79 upcycled ties from Cut by Wesley? Try your hand at making your own skinny ties from dated, fat ties with a little help from Gabrielle Blair, a.k.a. Design Mom. (via Lifehacker)

Gabrielle writes that when her 13-year-old requested skinny ties, she discovered the accessories were actually tough to find because most were “either too long or too expensive for a 13-year-old’s wardrobe.” So she bough five ties at Goodwill — at the bargain price of a buck a tie — and got to work.

The result: “New” skinny ties for her son, and a photo-illustrated DIY guide for anyone who wants to make low cost, upcycled skinny ties. They won’t have the cool contrasting stitching and designs that the Cut by Wesley ties do, but they’ll cost you only about a buck and require just 30 to 45 minutes to create!

Restyle fat ties into skinny ties
Want skinny ties but can't afford to buy new ones? A few bucks, a trip to Goodwill, and a half hour will get you accessorized eco-DIY style.