Why buy a whole new outfit when you can vamp up an old one with a colorful vintage scarf? The latest issue of eco-fashion e-zine Ethical Style puts the spotlight on green accessories — with lots of ideas an tips for staying in style without splurging on a new wardrobe.

After all, good accessories can last a lifetime — and vintage jewelry and belts are all the rage right now. Read the issue, and you’ll get even more out of pre-loved pearls. In “Jewel Tones,” Kara Cook reveals all the DIY tricks for pearls — like scavenging for strands at garage sales and thrift shops and stringing together your own, more fashionable designs. She ends her article with this priceless tip:

Old strands of fake pearls are often actually glass, not plastic, and some of the ones I found at estate sales had the pearl-paint chipping off.  Acetone nailpolish remover will actually remove the paint coating completely from the pearl, revealing a milky glass bead beneath — which is actually quite pretty in its own right. I like them so much I put them on my multi-strand multi-pearl necklace, and now I put a lot of effort into finding old glass pearls.
Non-vegan, anti-animal cruelty fashionistas will love the roundup of upcycled leather handbags, put together by Grechen Cohen of GreenGrechen.com. From duffel bags to totes to clutches, Gretchen’s got a bag for every style, with prices ranging from $35 – $195. With so many pre-loved leather purses out there, you’ll never again need to deal with the eco-ethical concerns that come with virgin leather.

Get more ideas for green accessories — whether it’s finding ethical scarves or figuring out how to put new-to-you accessories together with what’s already in your closet — by browsing through Ethical Style’s whole issue!

Screenshot courtesy of Ethical Style