Yesterday, I recommended the Ekotec toothbrush for its cost-effective and eco-friendly replaceable toothbrush heads. And today, Grist's Umbra recommends a second eco toothbrush: Preserve's toothbrushes, which are made from recycled yogurt cups and can be recycled again after your use!

Watch the video above for more details on Preserve -- and about our toothbrush use in general. Did you know that Americans go through more than a billion toothbrushes a year?! The sheer number of plasticky sticks being thrown away's reason enough to really make sure we're reusing and recycling toothbrushes.

Umbra notes that Preserve's toothbrushes come with a handy mail-in pouch to send back the toothbrush for recycling at the end of its brushing life — but forgets to mention that you can also recycle those brushes by dropping them off at Preserve Gimme 5 locations around the country. If the Whole Foods near you has a Gimme 5 recycling box, save yourself a trip to the post office by dropping up your old brush while picking up a new one!

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