So you’ve already picked out an eco-friendly dry cleaner, and dutifully take back your hangers for reuse. Those pesky plastic film sheaths covering your newly-clean clothes are tougher to reuse or recycle though….

Which is why more environmentalists are opting for reusable garment bags. Below are some of the bag options on the market, listed in order of eco-ness:

The garment bag you already own. Already have a bag hanging in your closet? Reusing that one’s more eco than buying a new bag, even if the new one’s made of eco-friendly materials.

Jendarling bags. These pretty bags are made in California, many out of eco-friendly materials like recycled or organic cotton.

Jendarling bags do, however, have a downside: These bags are as expensive as they are stylish! The Luxe Lite Jade bag, made with recycled cotton duck, organic cotton accents, and a leather label made using textile waste, will cost you $120 — though you can get 20% off that price until January 5 by using this code: Idealbite. (via Simply Fab)

Clothesnik by Reusenik. This cotton (sorry, not organic) garment bag’s gotten a lot of press and celebrity attention — and is also conveniently available at many retail stores, including Livingreen in Culver City and The Green Life in Santa Monica.

Thankfully, Clothesniks are much more affordable than Jendarling bags. If you can’t buy local, a Clothesnik can be yours for $30 on Reusenik’s site — or $24 on BuyGreen.

Green Garmento. If you find the idea of replacing plastic with other plastic an eco irony — even if the former’s disposable and the latter not — then this bag isn’t for you. Green Garmento bags are made with polypropylene, an extremely difficult-to-recycle plastic (#5) that most municipal recycling won’t accept.

Still, since most municipal recycling programs also don’t accept plastic bags, reusing a Green Garmento bag’s still more eco than continuing to get those disposable sheaths. You can get one of these bags for $9 if you give Green Garmento the contact info of your dry cleaner.

Photos via Jendarling, Reusenik, and Green Garmento

Reuse your dry cleaning bag
Bag the plastic bag habit at your local dry cleaner by taking your own stylish reusable garment bag.