Need an eco-friendly notebook to jot down the progress on your green new year's resolutions? Sustainable Group's come out with a notebook called Rewrite, which is about as green as a notebook can get!


The ReWrite notebook's made with a 100 percent recycled bending chipboard cover and 100 percent post-consumer, FSC-certified recycled paper pages. The eco-notebook's available in two sizes — 8″ x 10″ and 5″ x 8″ — in blank, college-ruled and quad-ruled (with soy-based inks!) versions.


Of course, you'll need an eco-friendly pen to go with that notebook. Sustainable Group's made ReMarks, pens that look like they’re made of plastic, but aren’t! These pens are made of wood-based cellulose acetate polymer and a plasticizer made of non-GM grapeseed oil. Don’t know enough eco-jargon to know what that means, exactly? Well, you’ll understand this next part: Once you’re done with the pens, you can send them back to Sustainable Group to be ground up and made into new pens! Do try to collect a bunch before sending them back though; mailing back individual pens isn’t really eco-friendly.


Sustainable Group only sells these products in bulk — 50 ReMarks for $23.99 or 20 ReWrite Minis for $50 — but Ellie’s Eco Home Store sells the Rewrite Minis for $4 each. Check out both sites to find out about those and other eco-friendly office supplies, like ReBinders, RePockets, and ReSleeves for your CDs.