If you resolved to eat organic and healthy in 2009, here’s a Valentine’s Day idea to motivate you to stay on top of your eco-foodie goal: Sign up for a romantic organic cooking class!

Learn to make a decadent dinner, and you’ll eat well long after Valentine’s Day. Lots of eco-conscious cooking classes are being offered all over the country; here’s a couple from New York and Los Angeles to give you some ideas:

New York: The Natural Gourmet Institute’s offering a pre-Valentine’s Day cooking class: “Scintillate Your Senses: A Luscious Valentine’s Experience.” Learn how to prepare everything from oysters to wild salmon to dipped dark chocolate fruit with complementary wines while hearing “the history of aphrodisiacs and other love-enhancing foods.” Many of the ingredients used will be organic and sustainable! The cooking lesson costs $250 for two people and happens Fri., Feb. 13, 6:30 pm - 10 p.m. Sign up by calling (212) 645-5170.

Los Angeles: Spork Foods, an organic vegan food company, has a special Romantic Valentines Day cooking class that promises to “use aphrodisiac ingredients that have been around for thousands of years, wooing everyone from cave men to business men!” The all-vegan menu features some locally-produced ingredients. The meal begins with mini phyllo cups with an almond, basil and roasted garlic filling and ends with chocolate coffee mousse! The class costs $65 per person and will be offered four times at 11 am and 4 pm on Sat., Feb. 14 and Sun. Feb. 15. RSVP to (323) 284-8733 or e-mail jenny@sporkfoods.com to reserve a spot and get the exact address.

Photo by sonicwalker

Romantic organic cooking classes
This Valentine’s Day, learn how to create an eco-friendly and sumptuous romantic dinner.