The holidays are over, but the trash is still piling up — and eco-aware or garbage-adverse bloggers are taking notice. In fact, documenting abandoned holiday trees seems to be the newest photo blogging trend of 2009.

In New York City, we have Last Night’s Garbage, a photoblog that documents trash in the city streets. Lately, LNG’s noticed that holiday trees are just getting thrown out all over the place. So the blog’s been putting up photos of these lonely-looking trees, along with information about NYC’s Mulchfest, a program that allows New Yorkers to take their trees to city-sponsored sites for proper mulching.

In Los Angeles, the local altzine L.A. Weekly’s blog, LA Daily, has started a Dead Xmas Tree Watch. This series documents abandoned trees around the city by posting a picture of them along with the date, time, location, and weather conditions the picture was taken. So far, the count’s up to No. 6.

So don’t let your tree be one of the sad ones yellowing in the streets, creating a fire hazard before being picked up to be hauled to the landfill! Make sure your tree’s properly recycled into mulch! Here are details about treecycling programs in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Don’t live in those major cities? Check with your city to take advantage of your local treecycling program.

Bottom photo: Courtesy LA Daily

Sad abandoned holiday trees
Photobloggers are documenting discarded trees on city streets. Don't let your tree be one of them!