It doesn't happen that often in life that you get something you've always dreamed of. One I have to admit I wasn't expecting to see was a convertible shoe that you could wear as a flat or as a high heel, depending on what you needed at the time. Many women carry flip-flops or foldable ballet slippers in their bags and switch them out with heels when they arrive at work or an event, but this is a shoe that is both at the same time. 


How does it work? Well, the flat actually fits inside the heel. To wear the flat, you simply slip your foot (with flat) out of the shell of the heel, and toss the heels in your bag. Putting on the high heels again is as simple as slipping the flats back into the heels. Nael Coce, the company behind the shoe(s), bills them as "comfort and style united," and you just really can't argue with that. 


According to the company's site, "Nael Coce’s initial product, Ambi Platform, is a convertible high-heel-to-flat shoe that allows an individual to wear a high heel shoe with a built-in flat shoe that can be removed and worn alone for comfort. It combines trendy, supportive, and antibacterial features."


Currently the company, which just introduced its first two shoes in February, offers a black heel with a green sole, and a sparkly gold heel. The shoes are available on the site for a pretty reasonable (considering you are getting two pairs of shoes) $70 and $75 respectively.


Made from eco-friendly, antibacterial materials (they do not say exactly what those materials are), whatever the components, they are apparently low-waste and better for the air than traditional shoe materials. That's a win-win-win in my book. 


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Shoes that convert from flats to heels?
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