Did you miss The Great American Apparel Diet and the Six Items or Less challenge, too? Then don’t lose this next opportunity to dress in minimalist fashion. Join Project 333 and pledge to wear only 33 clothing items in the next three months!

The project starts Oct. 1 and goes until the end of the year. While this challenge does allow for 27 more items than Six Items or Less, this project goes beyond clothing to include accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes in the 33-item count. That said, you do get some exceptions for underwear, loungewear, sleepwear, and workout-wear — so long as you don’t wear those items all day, thereby making them the day’s outfit.

Project 333 was started by Courtney Carver, who blogs at Be More With Less:

For me, the purpose of dressing with less is twofold. First and very simply, I want to live with less, and second, I have used clothing to express my creativity, and tell a story about who I am. Now, I am ready to tell the story myself. If my clothing is simple and more of a canvas, then I can shine instead of my patent leather shoes. (I don’t really wear patent leather shoes).
I’m not particularly motivated to outshine my shoes, but because I was in the middle of moving to a new apartment when I ran across the Project 333 challenge, I immediately wanted to join — the idea being that I’d get rid of everything except the 33 items I’d need for the challenge, thereby simplifying both my life and the move!

Unfortunately, I’d already packed my clothes at that point — and wasn’t about to unpack and repack — so I won’t be joining Project 333. What about you? Are you up to the Project 333 challenge?

Simplify your wardrobe with Project 333
Pick out 33 items to wear for the next 3 months -- to simplify your get-dressed routine, curb fashion expenses, and embrace minimalism.