If you love TOMS’ comfy shoes — but feel short wearing those flats — here’s good eco-fashion news for you. TOMS just debuted a new style that lets you stand tall: TOMS Wedges.

How tall? 3 1/4 inches taller than you actually are. TOMS Wedges make use of some green materials like jute, and as with all shoes made by this socially conscious shoe company, the company will give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every new pair of TOMS sold.

I’m actually not quite sure how I feel about this canvas/jute combo look. They kind of remind me of flipflops with kitten heels, which to me sort of defeats the casual and comfy purpose of flipflops. What do you think — are TOMS Wedges your style? If so, you can own a pair for $69.

Stand tall in TOMS wedges
The socially conscious shoe company known for its comfy flats now offers a well-heeled option for fashionable do-gooders.