Since Live Earth, every music festival seems to be setting greening goals — and Seattle’s Bumbershoot is one music and arts fest that’s making environmentalism a big part of its goal. Bumbershoot, a Labor Day weekend festival featuring everything from live music to urban crafts and art in 20 different venues, hasn’t announced the lineup for its 39th annual celebration yet — but it has already made its green goals public.

There’s the smaller stuff, like smaller paper programs printed on FSC-certified paper and tickets printed in soy ink, and there’s the usual stuff, like organic food options, eco-friendly merchandise and carbon offsets. But the festival has also got a lot of bigger green features, too!

For one, festival attendees will be able to join in the greening effort. Revelers are encouraged, for example, to bring in their own water bottles to fill up at free fountains and fill-up stations. Disposable water bottles won’t be allowed into Memorial Stadium. Styrofoam will be banned altogether. The festival will also have recycling and composting bins, monitored by trained volunteers.

Attendees are also encouraged to get to the fest greenly, either on foot, via public transportation, or by bicycling — made easier with a free bike parking area. Carpools with 3+ people will get discounted parking rates, too.

Of course, many of those greening efforts have already been achieved at some other green events and expos. But Bumbershoot is making some unique efforts.

  • Stage backdrops and festival banners from past years were upcycled by Alchemy Goods — to be sold as personal eco-totes at the 2009 Festival.
  • Festival food vendors are required to turn their used cooking grease into fuel.
  • Art exhibits at the festival will include “thought-provoking art that encourages public discourse on some of the social, political and environmental issues.”
Want to experience the festival? Advance 3-day passes are available now through Aug. 21 for $80. Or you can sign up to volunteer at the festival, so you can help attendees go green while enjoying the event for free.

Image: Courtesy Bumbershoot

Sustainable in Seattle: Bumbershoot
Labor Day weekend festival is pushing a green agenda, from tickets made with soy ink to a disposable water bottle ban.