Love the smell of lavender in the morning? Get Vermont Soap Organics‘ Moisturizing Shower Gel in the Country Lavender scent, and you’ll enjoy a fragrant flowery shower — an all organic one at that.

Forget the synthetic shower gels that promise “herbal” scents — and deliver a synthetic, chemical, can’t-be-really-natural scent. Vermont Soap Organics prides itself on its simple, eco-friendly products, with scents derived from essential oils. The company eschews parabens, artificial fragrances, and chemical preservatives, opting to use a rosemary extract antioxidant to keep its products fresh.

All you’ll have to do is look at Vermont Soap Organics’ ingredient lists to see the difference. The Moisturizing Shower Gel has just eight ingredients you can easily recognize. Once you see how few ingredients are required to make a good, basic, organic soap, you’ll wonder why, for all these years, you’ve been paying for all the weird synthetic stuff with gigantic ingredient lists full of chemicals you can’t pronounce. Just remember to shake up the bottle before each use as the ingredients sometimes separate!

For those who want a soap that’s even simpler and more versatile, there’s the unscented Camping Soap — though to be honest, I find that the soap’s “unscented” nature makes it smell a bit harsher, like a mild detergent. Then again, I suppose if you’re going camping, you’d rather smell like — well — soap, than lavender, coconut, or any other scent that might attract scary animals.

Find Vermont Soap Organics products online or at a natural products store near you. The Moisturizing Shower Gel is available in Sweet Orange and Sweetgrass as well as Lavender, and costs $8.78 per 8-ounce bottle, while the Camping Soap costs $3.99 per 4-ounce bottle.

Take an organic shower
Vermont Soap Organics makes a lovely lavender-scented shower gel for environmentalists who want to look clean, smell good, and stay chemical-free.