Do you rely on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database when picking out skin care products? If so, Tata Harper‘s beauty line should interest you. The eco-luxe products have the approval of Ken Cook, the president of Environmental Working Group himself!

Here’s a beauty line that’s about as green as it gets. To start, all of Tata Harper’s products get a low hazard score of zero or one on Skin Deep — which proves the products shuns scary chemicals or cheap preservatives. More than 70 percent of the ingredients in the products are organic — with many of those ingredients coming from Tata Harper’s own organic farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.

But Tata Harper’s eco-creds don’t end there. The first thing you’ll noticed about these products? They’re box-free! Instead, all products — including the small sample sizes — are packaged in simple glass jars, avoiding any chemical tainting from plastic containers. Those glass jars come wrapped with an extra, removable label with information about the product within — eliminating the need for boxes or inserts.

I’d heard about Tata Harper’s products before, but really became interested in the line when the small beauty company put together an educational green event at the Montage in Beverly Hills in December. There, green beauty and health experts like EWG’s Ken Cook, “No More Dirty Looks” co-author Alexandra Spunt, and integrated medicine doctor Soram Khalsa each spoke about the problems of environmental pollution — and pointed to Tata Harper as a company that’s working to educate women and provide a safer, greener alternative.

Since then, I tried out Tata Harper’s skin care line — and have to say I love it. My favorite product is the Regenerating Cleanser — a mild daily pink cream facial cleanser has the pretty look of a fresh strawberry smoothie! The cleanser strikes a perfect balance of moisturizing without being greasy — and contains tiny apricot seed powder granules for mild everyday exfoliation.

The cleanser is followed up with a spray or two of the Hydrating Floral Essence, a watery spray and very mild moisturizer that’s intended to prime your face for the Rejuvenating Serum, a daily moisturizer. The serum is concocted with a number of plant extracts mixed together into a gentle white lotion, which I find absorbs more quickly and easily than oil serums. Then for a deep clean once a week, I put on the Resurfacing Mask, a transparent jelly-like goo left on for about half an hour — then washed off for fresher, smoother skin.

As you may have guessed, Tata Harper’s skin care line isn’t cheap. A 125 ml jar of the Regenerating Cleanser costs $75, while a small 50 ml jar of the Rejuvenating Serum costs an eye-popping $150. That said, Tata Harper points out that each of the products contain between six to 29 active ingredients — far more than many competitor products at her price points. And all products are made fresh — intended to be used within six months when the ingredients are at their highest potency.

Honestly, I’m sold on Tata’s products — but not on the price. I love Tata Harper’s eco-credentials, and the products do make my skin feel healthy and happy. But a lot of what I’d be paying for would be the many expensive active ingredients in the products — and I’m not sure that the anti-aging or other beautifying effects of those active ingredients are so powerful that I can rationalize the high cost on my not-so-fat wallet.

For those who want to take the plunge, Tata Harper is available at a number of boutiques and online at Tata Harper’s web store.

Tata Harper's eco-luxe skin care line
The very green skin care line has gotten kudos from eco-beauty experts -- but the high sticker price may be more than some environmentalists can afford.