Ah, the statement necklace. Add it to a white tee (or white button-down) and dark denims, pair it with a black turtleneck — or a plunging neckline. Wear it with your favorite LBD, or winking out from under a cardigan; the best necklaces can do all of this and more. Some of my favorite versions of this type of jewelry is from the Andean Collection, which has been winning fashion awards and doing good (all their pieces are made with renewable, natural materials like tagua nuts, acai seeds, and bullhorn). Designed in New York City, the jewelry is created in South America. According to their self-description: "As a social enterprise, we substantially reduce poverty in disadvantaged communities in South America and inspire positive change through our social programs, which are funded through your purchase."

Model wears necklace from Andean Collection

The Bolero Necklace is made of pieces of wood, tagua, and bullhorn that look like rays from the sun. 

Isabella necklace from Andean Collection

The Isabella necklace comes in four colors, but this red-hot (and pink) number would perk up any winter-drab outfit. 

Amazon necklace from Andean Collection

The combination of açaí, jaboncillo and tagua discs in bright colors come together with a twist in the Amazon necklace. This is one of those "wear with everything" necklaces, containing, as it does, a plethora of colors. 

Honeycomb necklace from Andean Collection

The Honeycomb necklace is made from tagua nuts, cut and polished into hexagons, which are then strung on a leather strap. The violet and purple tones would really pop over a black or red blouse. 

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The Andean Collection's bright, fun, affordable necklaces
You can change an outfit with the simple addition of a dramatic, fabulous necklace like one of these.