The holiday week between Christmas and New Year's is a weird combination of slacking around in your pajamas until 11 a.m. and looking sparkly-pretty for holiday parties, seeing old friends, and catching up with family who may not have seen you in a year. You want to be comfortable, but presentable. 

Luckily, there's a hairdo that serves just as well for hanging at home on the couch for a movie marathon as it does with a party dress: the messy bun. It's also easy, doesn't require much equipment, and works fine even if you hair hasn't been washed in a few days (and in fact, may work even better then). 

Keep it simple with the messy bun: If you're going to a dressy event, add some nice simple makeup (a strong red lip is really easy) and a good pair of sparkly or warm earrings. If you are going casual, the bun and some lip gloss is all you need. 

I think the best way to learn how to do hairstyles is from videos. The two below really get to the heart of the how-to in this easier-than-it-seems hairdo. 

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The easiest holiday hairdo ever
If you want to look pulled-together without too much effort, the messy bun is the key.