Why hug a tree when you can wear one? If you’ve ever thought such leafy thoughts, you’ll be glad to know you’re not alone. David Rittinger, an artist and designer who lives in Brooklyn, has turned that thought into reality with his Zero Footprint Shirt: Leaf Series.

Like many other conceptual eco-fashion designs, these leafy shirts aren’t particularly practical, though they are quite green. Made with just leaves and glue, I’d imagine the shirts are tough to put on or take off!

And that impracticality is part of the artistic point. According to Design Boom,  Rittinger’s designs are “an exercise in embracing ecological consciousness, illustrating how beautiful and also unpractical extremes can sometimes be.”

I wore a flower lei when I was in Hawaii, and today I wore a real flower in my shirt pocket, but that’s about as far as I go in wearable unprocessed plant fashion. What’s the leafiest outfit you’ve worn?

The greenest shirt of them all?
Artist Dave Rittinger's shirts are beautifully leafy to wear and easily compostable at end of use -- and scratchily impractical to wear.