I have always considered myself an all-natural woman, but after finding myself single at 30 and feeling that I really needed a little extra ooompf while I was dating, I got into the habit of regular pedicures, waxing and hair coloring treatments. I've recently nixed those expenses from my personal budget due to limited finances (and a boyfriend who doesn't care about the color of my toenails or the color of my hair), but recently I had such a positive experience getting a facial at Tres Bell Spa in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, that I might just add one back in. 


I can't decide what I liked best about my "Ageless Goddess" facial, which was performed using all-natural, vegan Tata Harper products. Not only did my skin look markedly better for more than a week after my treatment (a definite plus after a very stressful winter that left my skin with more marks and wrinkles than ever before), but I experienced a total zen-like state immediately after the facial, which was a huge bonus —‚ and no doubt helped my stressed skin heal. 


I'm guessing it was a combination of the extremely aromatheraputic Tata Harper products and the special Tres Belle technique for application. The chamomile and rose were obviously not scrimped on, as I noticed the wonderful scent of each as various layers were applied, massaged, peeled off and daubed on my face, which definitely helped chill me out. And the special massage-based lifting technique really worked, reducing many of the lines that have developed around my eyes in recent months. And of course it felt amazing. 


The experience of having someone massage and care for your face for an hour is not only relaxing, but healing, as not only the products, but the facialist's hands work their magic. I was so relaxed by the end of my facial, it took a few minutes for me to get my bearings when it was over. 


So facials, now that I'm in the 35-plus category, are on my wish list. While it's not something I can do every month, I think that when the seasons change, I'll be back. It involves only plant extracts and a facialist's hands; I can't think of any beauty treatment much more natural than that. 


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