For a while I let my face lotion do double duty as my eye cream too, but after my last birthday, I’ve decided that around-the-eye area needs the undivided attention of its own, specific product. I think the extra attention’s actually making a difference, though this may be an imagined placebo effect….

In any case: Here are three safe and eco-friendly eye products I’ve tried and recommend:

Arcona Peptide Eye Serum. I’ve raved about Arcona’s products before — and this eye serum’s what I use right now. The clear, cooling non-greasy gel’s supposed to increase skin elasticity, alleviate fine lines, and protect from environmental damage — which I’d like to think it’s doing, though results will not, as you all know, ever be as dramatic as stated in the packaging description.

Arcona products are all paraben-free, and all ingredients in the serum score in the low risk range on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database except for lecithin, caffeine, and alcohol denatured, which are in the medium risk range. The serum doesn’t come cheap though. A sleek 9 ml pump container will set you back $52.

Aubrey Organics Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Crème with Liposomes. Before Arcona, this was my eye cream of choice. I’m not a fan of Aubrey products in general, but this creme worked quite well — though the product’s not that thick, and thus more like a lotion than a creme.

This eye creme scores a moderate risk 3 on Skin Deep — about comparable with what Arcona eye serum’s ranking would be. A half ounce (about 15 ml) pump container costs $23.50 and is conveniently available locally at Co-opportunity and Whole Foods.

Pai Echium Eye Cream. Made with 71% organic ingredients, Pai’s eye cream has to be one of the safest eye creams available today. All of its ingredients score in the low hazard range on Skin Deep!

One downside: Under the main citrus scent, there’s a faint musty odor that I can’t exactly identify but do find a bit off-putting. Still, If you want a thicker cream, you’ll especially like this product. A 7 ml jar costs £16.00 — which comes out to about $22.00 plus $7.60 for international shipping.

Got a safe and eco-friendly eye cream you recommend? Share your beauty knowledge in the comments.

Three eco-friendly eye creams
Get pretty without parabens! Here's my favorite natural eye creams.