How much time do you waste untangling necklaces or searching for the mate to an earring? I’m done wasting that kind of time. I’ve brought most of my jewelry out of my attractive but not particularly functional jewelry box, and I want to share my storage solutions with you. These solutions are so simple and inexpensive.

Necklace Storage

The door to the attic is in my bedroom, so I put these tie racks on the wall right inside the door. They’re perfect for storing necklaces. They don’t get tangled, and I can see all my choices right in front of me each time I’m choosing what to accessorize my outfit with. Two of them cost about $16.

Earring Storage

This is such a brilliant idea. Ice cube trays are the perfect solution for keeping pairs of earrings together. I put them in the top drawer of my dresser, and the drawer is deep enough to hold one on top of the other. There are actually four of them in there, and the total cost for the four of them was $1.30 at my grocery store. I can also see which earrings are missing mate and keep an eye out for the wayward jewelry.

Bracelet Storage

I have some bangles stored with the necklaces, but that tie racks aren’t appropriate for all types of bracelets. So I’m using a simple basket in the same drawer as the ice cube trays.

All of these solutions are hidden behind doors and drawers so it doesn’t matter if they aren’t the most attractive. They’re very functional and allow me to see all my choices clearly.

My jewelry box still sits on top of my dresser and holds my rings, some pins, and a few other items, but it’s no longer overstuffed.

Do you have any clever jewelry storage solutions?

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Three inexpensive jewelry storage hacks
After decades of untangling necklaces and struggling to find the mate to an earring in my jewelry box, I decided to get creative with my jewelry storage.