If your new year’s resolution’s to update your eco-blog more often, a Timbuk2 laptop bag might be the best holiday gift you can get for yourself. Timbuk2, a San Francisco-based bag company, has a whole line of Pro-Planet messenger and laptop bags — as well as backpacks and other carry-alls — you can pick from.

These eco-bags are constructed with fabric made from hemp fibers, recycled PET (used plastic bottles) and organic cotton. Although most of the manufacturing happens in China now, Timbuk2 also has a manufacturing center in San Francisco churning out bags.

I first heard of these bags through WorldChanging founder Jamais Cascio, who says he got his cradle-to-cradle certified Timbuk2 laptop bag at TED 2006. So I decided to check them out myself — and found that Timbuk2’s site even has a “build your own bag” application! Above’s the hemp / PET bag I e-constructed to suit my desires. The price tag on that’s $220, though some messenger bags are priced at as little as $135.

Timbuk2 also offers a Hidden Backpack — a recycled PET drawstring pack that neatly folds up into a little pouch for when you’re not using it. Plus, Mac Air owners will be happy to know that Timbuk2 even offers a recycled PET sleeve for laptop.

Once you’re done with your bag — whether because you’ve decided to upgrade or because you’ve worn it through — you can send it back to Timbuk2, who’ll upcycle and donate it to one of its nonprofit partners. Just package up and mail the bag to Timbuk2, Attn: “Give it Back” 333 Alabama St., San Francisco, CA 94110.

Besides the online store, Timbuk2 bags can be found at many retailers (buy local), including its own boutique San Francisco store.

Images: Courtesy Timbuk2

Timbuk2: Laptop tote with eco-style
Eco-bloggers can tote their laptops in stylish hemp, recycled PET, or organic cotton Timbuk2 bags.