You know how magazines, your friends, and bloggers (who, me?) are always telling you things like "You should take more time for yourself," and "You work so hard, treat yourself"? It seems that we are all encouraged to care for ourselves more, but it's hard to know exactly how to do that. 


Yuzen is a new subscription box service that helps answer that question. The monthly box shows up at your door and you can, of course, give it as a gift (it's certainly ideal for that). But you can also give it to yourself - the box is filled to the brim with green, healthy, and eco friendly products, all of which have been tested and tried by Yuzen founder Ted Ning and his wife, who also happen to be experts in what green really means, and who have also picked up on the idea that we all need ways to try new things and nurture ourselves these days. 

In the company's own words: 


"We recognize that people crave a quiet moment to pause, but so rarely give themselves permission or the time to do so. Yuzen encourages reconnection with that quiet, wise place inside all of us. We provide supportive and eco-conscious products that people can feel good about – and more importantly, nourish that space. We’ve long been inspired by companies and organizations “doing good” in the world. Yuzen is our way of sharing the very best of the best."



Examples of products that are included in each Yuzen box include seasonally appropriate things like all-natural sun protection, Tulsi tea, full-size soaps, aromatherapy mists, chocolate covered mulberries, himalayan salt, and facial wash and serum.


The box contains about $60 worth of products each month, but costs just $26, including shipping. You can sign up for a Yuzen box here

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Treat yourself this autumn with a Yuzen box
Whether for yourself or as a gift, find healthy, beautiful new products in a new simple subscription box.