Ready to part with your holiday tree? Don’t just set it in your alleyway — Dry, dead trees can create a fire hazard. Instead, recycle your tree properly and give it a new life! Here’s how to treecycle in the three largest U.S. cities:

New York City: Join the Mulchfest and haul your tree to one of the designated Citywide MulchFest Locations. Your tree will then get mulched and used in plantings across the city.

Los Angeles: Angelenos have it easy, since the city’s provided lots of different options for treecycling: 1) Chop up the tree and put it in your green bin, 2) haul the tree to one of many drop off sites across the city, or 3) simply place the tree at the curb on collection day.

Chicago: Drop off your tree at any of the participating sites between Sat., Jan. 3 - Fril, Jan. 16 to get it chipped and turned into mulch.

Remember to take off all decorations from your tree before recycling it! Not only will you help make the chipping and mulching process go more smoothly, you’ll also be able to save and reuse the decorations next year!