Since even mainstream companies like Quicksilver and H&M have embraced organic cotton, eco-clothing companies are finding innovative new ways to differentiate themselves. Truly Organic, self-described as the “first truly organic and chemical-free contemporary fashion line, is one of these.

Truly Organic sets itself apart by only using natural dyes made with “medicinally rich botanicals and herbs from India such as turmeric, pomegranate, indigo and onion.” These dyes are indeed noticeably different than conventional dyes — which is to say that the dyes Truly Organic uses don’t seem to dye its clothes very evenly.

Look, for example, at the difference in color between the sleeve and the body of Truly Organic’s Rainier Hooded Jacket (pictured in full above, detail below). The sleeve’s clearly less blue!

The uneven dye issue isn’t unique to the jacket. The “Soot Black” Angel Henley, for example, isn’t actually quite black (detail below). The seams around the collar, for one, aren’t quite dyed as darkly as the rest of the shirt. In fact, the henley looks like a once-black shirt that’s faded after being washed many many times.

If you like the strong, even color of most conventional clothes, Truly Organic’s fashions aren’t for you. But Truly Organic’s eco-friendly clothing may appeal to those who prefer a sort of uniquely imperfect, wabi-sabi look. If you’re okay with — or even prefer — some unevenness (tie-dye fans, anyone?), you’ll be happy to know that Truly Organics is having sale on coats right now.

Top photo: Courtesy Truly Organic. All other photos: Siel

Truly Organic: Natural, uneven dyes
Truly Organic prides itself in using only natural dyes. If only these eco-dyes worked more evenly....