The idea’s sweet — but are the shoes hot?

A London company called Above + Below’s making “Limited Edition Tube Trainers” out of old subway and bus seat covers, recycled / repurposed leather, and recycled tire rubber. (via Grist) The resulting product’s pictured above.

The shoes do look a bit less jarring in photos taken from a distance — if the shoes are turned so you don’t see the seat cover sides too much….

Are these sturdy-looking kicks a smart use of existing resources that double as a subliminal ad for eco-friendly travel to boot? Or are the overly-colorful footwear perpetuating the frumpy hippie environmentalist stereotype?

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Tube Trainers: Eco-tasteful or eco-fugly?
A London company’s making shoes out of old subway and bus seat covers. Will they become the next eco-fashion statement?