Received an ugly sweater as a holiday “gift”? Or own a once-loved sweater that’s lost its shape? For $30, you can upcycle that unfashionable item into a one-of-a-kind, handknit winter accessory!

How? Send it to Reknit, a new service dreamed up by graphic designer Haik Avanian — and knit together by Haik’s mother. Mail in an old sweater, and Haik’s mom will unravel the thing and reknit it into a scarf — even mixing in a second color to add an accent stripe or two if your sweater happens to be a plain unicolored dud. All that costs just $30 including return shipping — a real bargain price for an eco-friendly, upcycled, handmade, unique accessory.

Reknit process

Have more than one ugly sweater — but don’t need that many scarves? Then try sending Reknit one sweater a month because while Haik’s mom’s knitting scarves in January, she’ll be knitting something else next month. In fact, you can vote on what you’d like her to make by visiting Reknit’s website now to pick between beanies, iPod cases, cut-off gloves, or socks.

(via Ecouterre)

Turn old sweaters into new scarves for $30
A graphic designer and his mom have teamed up to upcycle old unwanted sweaters into new handknit accessories.