Need jewelry to go with that recycled rubber English Retreads purse? Look no further than My Sister’s Art, home of handmade upcycled rubber jewelry.

Crafted by Gulf Coast resident Kathleen Nowak Tucci, these eco-friendly rubbery accessories are perfect for green business networking and eco-fetish fests alike! Pieces range from simple black decorative flowers to twirly feather duster earrings to to elaborate, chandelier-like necklaces.

My Sister's Art recycled rubber jewelry

Browse the dramatic designs on My Sister’s Art’s website — then find a retailer near you to buy a rubber jewelry of your own. I actually discovered My Sister’s Art at Santa Monica Museum of Art‘s store GRACIE, which carries a surprisingly large variety of Kathleen’s pieces. Stop by to try on the simply whimsical Katharine Earrings ($40) — or the could-double-as-a-rubber-whip Genevieve Tassle Puff Necklace ($225). Gracie’s online store also offers a few My Sister’s Art pieces for those who don't live in the Los Angeles area.

My Sister's Art recycled rubber jewelry

Top two photos by Margaret Nowak Dobos/My Sister's Art; bottom photo by Siel

Unique jewelry from upcycled rubber
Want an eco-friendly necklace that will match your upcycled rubber purse -- and do double duty as a whip? My Sister's Art's got your green leather alternative.