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Men: Here’s a necktie that’ll really get you noticed at the next Green Drinks. Vintage flair meets hipster style meets upcycled fashion with Cut by Wesley ties — all made from once-considered-fashionable but now-no-longer-loved vintage ties!

All Cut by Wesley ties are handmade by one Wesley Stiller, an actor with the requisite bartending and catering gigs who also does some carpentry work on the side and since last fall, collects, cuts, sews up, and sells one-of-a-kind skinny ties. Each upcycled tie also has a fun whimsical name — like “harry the heartbreaker” or “the keeper of realness” — and unique, stitching detail.

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Wesley made his first tie about five years ago. “Whenever I wore the tie, people just went crazy about it,” he says — so with a friend’s encouragement, he decided to go into business. Now, Wesley’s got plans to expand his tie collection to bowties and tassel-type neck-cessories he plans to call handlebars in the spring!

Each tie cots $95 — and work for girls as well as boys. Wesley says a friend wears hers in her hair. If you’re seeking a tie for holiday parties, I suggest the UN speeker speaker (Christmas) or thoroughly modern monty (Hanukkah). My favorite is the dark knightstand for its black and white simplicity — but others apparently felt the same way because it’s been sold.

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You can find Cut by Wesley ties at the online store, or at a few Los Angeles boutiques like Visionary.

Photos courtesy of Cut by Wesley

Unique ties for green guys
Old vintage ties are made new and hip again by an artsy upcycler in Los Angeles.