I’m so green my tweets recycle themselves and donate to charity too! Or rather, my tweets are so lame people recycle them for me.

That’s what happened to my tweet about my evening plans — “the plan is to just not go to sleep” – which got retweeted by one @m2procter with the hashtag #recycle this. Moments later, I got a tweet from @RecycledTweets: “A light just went off in my head. Must be sitting too close to the lamp.”

Huh? Yes — That’s what I wondered too. For those who aren’t yet on Twitter, my explanation now will still leave you wondering “Huh?” — but for all my fellow lame tweeters out there, here’s what’s happening. Global Inheritance — the green noprofit that brought you Environmentaland — teamed up with marketing company McKinney to bring the twitterverse Re:cycled Tweets. See a lame tweet? Then retweet it with the hashtag #recyclethis.

Moments later, the lame tweeter will get a more interesting upcycled tweet — created using some of the letters from the original tweet — from @recycledtweets. Plus, each recycled tweet gets a cent donated to Global Inheritance’s recycling educational program, getTRASHED.

My own recycled tweet was recycled by a McKinney employee trying to get the word out — but the Re:cycled Tweets trend’s catching on fast! You can see what lame tweets people are recycling, or read the cuter upcycled tweets.

Upcycle a lame tweet, raise money for eco-education
Re:cycled Tweets lets you upcycle your friends' lame tweets into something more interesting -- while sending a cent towards recycling education.