Here’s a cool accessory option for people-powered transportation advocates. MuKee Design turns old skateboards into cute, geometric earrings and other jewelry!

I’ve never learned to skateboard, but no skating skills are required to wear MuKee Design earrings. The pair I picked up at Renegade Craft Fair last month is actually double-upcycled, since the worn-out skateboard was first reused as a canvas for a school painting project before getting chopped up and turned into jewelry.

According to the Simple Shoes blog, MuKee Design is the brainchild of Colorado-based Derek Keenan, who combined his love for skateboards with upcycling lessons learned during a stint with the Peace Corps in Gambia, West Africa. Now, Derek collects no-longer-functional skateboards and turns them into jewelry with the help of a drill press and laser etching.

Want a pair for yourself? You’ll get the best selection if you find Mukee Design at a craft fair near you. But in the meantime, you can browse MuKee Design’s Etsy shop, which offers a small selection of recycled skateboard earrings, necklaces and belt buckles.

Upcycled jewelry from old skateboards
Mukee Design lets you wear your love of green transportation on your ears.