IKEA got rid of disposable plastic bags years ago — but those famous blue reusable IKEA bags remain popular — and can be used by eco-minded DIYers to help make a rain-friendly outfit for April Showers!

Use advertising and design student Stephanie Casper’s step-by-step Instructables direction to create a functional blue raincoat out of four IKEA bags. The instructions include printable patterns — and even makes use of the bag handles! (via Ecouterre)

Then, make blue boots to go with that raincoat by upcycling used plastic bags. Rhode Island School of Design student Louie Rigano’s designed a pair — and kindly provided a template for other would-be DIYers. (via Treehugger) Just remember to fuse the plastic bags first!

Then show off your blue zero-waste outfit the next time it rains –

Upcycled outfit for April showers
Turn bags into functional eco-fashions for rainy weather.