ChicoBag fans: Your favorite easily-totable reusable bag's gotten even greener with the new rePETe bag -- made of almost all recycled materials!

PET from about 7 used plastic bottles are upcycled to create the fabric for each of these new ChicoBags. In addition, the cordlock's made from recycled polyurethane -- and thecarabiner clip from recycled aluminum! That means these rePETe bags are made from 99% recycled materials -- 73% (by weight) of which is post-consumer recycled materials.

Apparently, the upcycled materials are pretty sturdy, since each bag can handle up to 25 lbs. The $9 bag comes in 5 colors and, like the original ChicoBag, can be easily compacted into a pocket-sized totable form.

Image courtesy of ChicoBag

Upcycled recycled ChicoBags
Reusable, totable ChicoBags get even greener with new recycled PET designs.