Jewelry made from upcycled glass bottles isn’t exactly new. Kathleen Plate’s turned beer bottles into everything from simple hoop earrings to fragile dresses, and Beca Designs gave Kahlua and Belvedere bottles a new life as chunky necklaces. But Earth Glass Project’s delicate accessories still made me take a second look — because of their smart use of liquor bottle designs.

Wanted to wear a piece of Van Gogh’s art — in upcycled style? Pick up a Van Gogh Vodka pendant from Earth Glass Project, a company self described as “a funky family of Re-claim artists.” I mean, I didn’t even know that a line of Van Gogh Vodkas existed until I found out I could wear a chunk of it, fashionably.

Earth Glass Jewelry

Earth Glass Project’s clever use of liquor bottles’ printed labels is similar to Beca Designs’ work — but the former’s pieces tend to be less chunky and beady, which works better for my own more minimalist style. Earth Glass Project also makes smart use of existing designs in the bottles, cutting off the mouthpiece to create ridged rings, for example. “We use all parts of the bottle from base to neck,” says Kat Ludlow of Earth Glass Jewelry.

Want to wear Earth Glass jewelry? Get them online at Earth Glass Project’s web store, which also sells upcycled glassware and soy wax candles. Simple rings cost just $14.99 each, while earrings-and-pendant sets will run you about $50.

Upcycled Van Gogh jewelry
Earth Glass Project upcycles beer and vodka bottles to create simple, artsy jewelry.