There's been a lot of volume in dresses and blouses in the last few years, and if you sometimes feel like you're wearing a tent, you're not alone. While voluminous dressing can be fun and comfortable, sometimes you want a waist - and that's where the key investment of a good belt comes in. 

And vintage belts are the best kind, as most waist cinchers are made of leather, and it just looks better over time (not to mention that vintage is always less wasteful). 


Western motifs are almost always in style, and that's because they are classic and distinctive, and usually fairly low-key. This concho belt from the 1970s is perfectly worn-in. Via My Wandering Eye on Etsy

Something simple with a spot of flair means it will work with multiple styles of dress. This '40s belt with a simple star buckle fits the bill. Via All the Vintage on Etsy

A thick white belt makes quite a style statement, and this one from the '80s perfectly matches the '80s-inpired trends happing now. Via Simple Matilda on Etsy

I fervently hope that fanny packs never come back in style. This, however, meets the hands-free joy of the fanny pack without the embarassing bulge. And it's a sweet belt, too. Via Shopthrifted on Esty

This sweet belt is ideal for dressing up an outfit for the evening. Add this vintage gold belt from the '20s to a Little Black Dress and you are ready to go out. Or pair with black pants and a white tank top (or an all-white ensemble in the summer) and it works beautifully, too. And it comes with a matching purse! Via Michelle Renee Art on Etsy

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Vintage Fridays: Belts to cinch it and dress it up
Antique belts can be a fun, fresh way to update dresses and blouses.