Most of us tend to wear a lot of black and brown during the winter months, so it's always stylish (and mood-enhancing) to add a pop of color to your wardrobe - one of the simplest ways to do that is with accessories. As knee-high boots are a go-to for many women, a colorful tall sock can be a easy (and cozy) way to bring some fun to drab winter colors. 

This graphic orange and blue pair of handcrafted over-the-knee socks are made on an antique knitting machine.

This cute Swiss-style sock works with shorter boots (as shown here) or with knee-highs. These are made from cotton, so if you want a lighter sock, these are the ticket.  

If you want the look of a boot sock, but not the bulk or the warmth for your feet (or if your boots are too small for thick socks), boot cuffs are a great way to get the look and keep your legs warm. 

These cute Norwegian-style socks look as cute with your boots on as off. Handknit from stretchy grey and cream wool yarns, these are perfect for holidays and beyond. 

These hand-dyed burgundy socks are the perfect color to dress up an all-black outfit, or add some cheer to a pair of boots slushing through the snow or mud. 

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Vintage Fridays: Boot socks
Over-the-knee socks are a great way to add some fun to a winter wardrobe, and keep your feet toasty warm.