Cocktail rings go in and out of style every decade, or maybe more often. Recently, they have been experiencing a long renaissance, probably because you can pop a giant cocktail ring on your finger as you run out the door and you hardly need any other jewelry.

These rings are usually oversized, often bordering on the silly, and all about fun. I often wear one with a very casual outfit to play off the contrast. There are plenty of cheapo new versions floating around, but more interesting and unique pieces can be found all over the Web, usually for less than $20. 


A lovely vintage opal-like piece (probably from the '70s) with an adjustable ring band. Via Bumbershoot Designs on Etsy. 


This '60s style mod white cocktail ring is a very cool piece that would work best with a dressed-down outfit of denim and a flowy blouse, or a simple black-and-white patterned dress. Via Palabres de Maria on Etsy. 


This lovely '30s deco ring would work for a night out or just for fun (sans any other jewelry) during the daytime with a more casual outfit. Via Wicked Darling on Etsy. 


Originally made by Avon, this faux jade ring is extra interesting because it opens up! So fun things can be stored inside, like tiny pictures, or maybe a phone number? Check out the rest of the pictures on Esty here.


This sweet cameo cocktail ring recalls the Victorian era, but is definitely not that old. But the black-and-white color scheme and faux pearls are just plain fun. Via Greanleaf Vintage on Etsy.  

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Vintage Fridays: Cocktail rings
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