It's midsummer and the days are hot, hotter, and way too hot. It's time for a simple skirt or shorts and blouse combo that is loose and comfortable without appearing sloppy or boring. When you're wearing less, it's important to make every piece count. Each of the tops below makes a vintage style statement while remaining super current. 

This tunic top is perfect for smaller-busted women, with a sweet Victorian neckline, but a lovely light translucent cotton body. A bright pink or yellow bra would look very cool beneath. Via Etsy seller P. Hill

This would be superfun to wear over a bathingsuit near a pool or lake, but would also be a fun layer over an LBD or shorts and a tank. Sheer poncho via lovedodo on Etsy

Simple, light, and lacy, this sweet top invites cooling breezes around the waist. Via PlanetClaireVintage on Etsy

Though the sleeves are long, they are full and cool, and the tunic length means this top will pair perfectly with jean cutoffs or a short skirt. Via UrbanArmory on Etsy

This cool piece isn't for sale, but the DIY instructions for how to crochet it are. You could make this from cotton, alpaca, or any other material. Totally 70's, very 2012. Via KinsieWoolShop on Etsy

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Vintage Fridays: Simply styling summer blouses
70's boho tops will keep you cool and relaxed, with plenty of style to spare.