Vintage swimsuit buying can be tricky. First of all, bathingsuit materials have changed quite a bit over time, and today's fabrics hold shape and color better than their predecessors. And sizing - as well as fit and styles - vary quite a bit from past decades. 


Despite these complications, vintage suits are so different and so fun, it's worth the extra effort. And I tend to keep the older suits out of the water, and wear them under skirts and jean shorts instead. Think of them as layering elements that could, in a pinch, get wet. 

This 70's suit from Peter Max's (the famous pop artist!) own fashion line is pure happiness. The placement of the colors up top and black on the bottom would be superflattering on someone who wants to play down a bigger bum. Via cutandchicvintage on Etsy

Coles of California turned out bikinis like this one in the 1960's, which were as a rule, superbright and patterned in festive prints.  Via deliahsdeluxe on Etsy

Though this qualified as a swimsuit in the 1950's, it would make a great summer romper to run around in. This piece is new with tags, and a lot of fun. Via The Classic Butterfly on Etsy. 

The 70's is back - in chill, muted way with this gorgeous green and yellow striped number, which would look great with a pair of cutoffs and oversize sunglasses. Via 2sweet4words on Etsy

Ruffles and fluorescent against black is current now, and much-loved in the 80's, whence this bathingsuit comes. Via GoodTimeIsland on Etsy

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Vintage Fridays: Swimsuits
Save money, find flattering suits, and have some fun with vintage swimming costumes from decades past.