Yesterday, I wrote about how I don't like using sunscreen (read here for my reasons), and one of the ways people the world over keep out of the sun's sometimes-harsh rays is by using an umbrella or parasol. If you are thinking of taking up the trend, some of the glorious vintage umbrellas below will add some flair and fun to your outings.

And of course, they can be used during those rainy spring and summer days as well, to cheer up a grey day. Remember, buying vintage means keeping a useful object from the landfill and cutting down on demand for energy- and fossil-fuel using new stuff. 
The subtle cranes print on this rust-and-black colored umbrella is for those who like their umbrellas a bit understated, but still with a sense of style. Japanese style from the 50's.  Via bycinbyhand on Etsy

This sweet and colorful 1960's-era umbrell has a very festive summertime print of pink flowers on a bright green background. Via Revvie1 on Etsy


The longacreflea shop on Etsy has this gorgeous late 40's stunner for sale - not only does it boast a gorgeous, graphic print, but its handle is made of real lucite. What a find! 

Growing up, my grandma always carried a clear-topped, dome shaped umbrella - when it is raining hard, you can lower it over your head and look out through the transparent part, which is ideal when walking city streets. They are also less wide, so you are less likely to hit someone. This one from vintapod on Etsy is a perfect, graphic example of the 60's style. 

This gorgeous Art Deco umbrella was originally from the famed Marshall Fields department store.  Via colderthanheck on Etsy

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Vintage Fridays: Umbrellas!
Keep the rain and the sun's rays off your face with these pretty parasols.