Velvet is a huge trend for Fall/Winter 2012, and if you're like me, you'll recognize this look from the last time it was popular, in the mid-'90s. The beauty of trend re-treads is that you can often find vintage pieces that are still in great shape and cost a fraction of the new designer clothes (or even the new, mass-market fashion). And velvet is a trend that showed up in the '50s and the '70s (seems to be on a solid 20-year cycle), so there are even older pieces that might work for you.


Buying vintage means recycling clothing, which is lower-impact than any type of new clothing. Take a look at the great velvet pieces I found on Etsy for great examples — and there are plenty more ... 


If you want to rock the velvet trend, but are feeling a little shy about going full-on with a dress or jacket, consider an accessory like this sweet green clutch

Yes, this is a velvet-shorts romper, which means that it's all one piece — and matching. A classic '70s piece that's completly perfect for today, especially as shorts are still in for fall (pair them with a pair of leggings and some ankle boots or flats). 

This black velvet bodysuit with underwire cups would be perfect with the still-in high-waisted pants floating around — or a pair of your favorite jeans. I love bodysuits since they remain perfectly flat and never bunch. 

This wine velvet top from the 1950s has a superflattering square neckline and a roomy front for larger-chested ladies who want to wear this trend, but want to be modest too. 

Kill two current trends (military and velvet) with this dapper button down coat that would look totally amazing with a pair of jeans or layered casually over an evening gown around holiday times. 

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Vintage Fridays: Velvet is a huge fall fashion trend
Velvet is a huge fall fashion trend. The royal fabric is everywhere this season. Here's how to get the look for less.