Where do antique leather gloves go when they’re no longer fashionable? A few lucky ones get turned into gorgeous, earrings at AK Vintage. These earrings take the crunchy and hippie out of upcycled — replacing it with simple eco-chic.

I discovered AK Vintage while shopping at online eco-boutique Nimli, where I got my Dreams’ Projections earrings. The pair has since gotten me a lot of compliments! These soft, light, feather-like dangly pieces are handcrafted from antique leather gloves by Anna Korte, the Portland-based jewelry designer behind AK Vintage.

And as a writer of poetry, I loved that Dreams’ Projections is part of AK Vintage’s Walt Whitman Collection. According to the website, “Every AK Vintage collection is inspired by Anna’s current favorite poet or piece of literature, largely motivating each collection’s design direction and perspective.” Now when I wear these earrings, I celebrate myself.

AK Vintage also offers other lines, all made with sustainable materials like recycled castings and vintage parts in Portland. That said, AK Vintage’s website may not be the best place to shop for AK Vintage jewelry! Dreams’ Projections costs $90 at AK Vintage’s web store — but is available for a mere $30 at Nimli! That’s where I got them, using a birthday gift certificate from my sister, who’s also knitting me an eco-friendly blanket for the holidays. Thanks, sis!

Walt Whitman-inspired eco-earrings
AK Vintage makes gorgeous jewelry made of recycled, reclaimed, and vintage materials -- and inspired by literary works.