When gas prices were high, suburbanites with long commutes were hurt the most — and now with the economy tanking, many suburbanites are losing their homes! So now seems like an appropriate time to watch The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream, a 2004 film that’s predicted a lot of what’s happening today — and continues to caution us about what’s to come.

The End of Suburbia shows how our car-dependent — and thus fossil fuel-dependent — lifestyle’s unsustainable. It’s caused us huge problems like war and global warming, but also lowered our quality of life, taking away our walkable neighborhoods, forcing us to spend hours stuck on gridlocked freeways, disconnecting us from the community around us.

Watch the 58-minute version below — or get the DVD for the full 78-minute version.

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This popular documentary explains why our fossil fuel-dependent suburban living can't last.