A few years ago, “green is the new black” was a favorite press release headline for new green fashion designers and boutiques. Sadly, many of these companies didn’t survive the recession. In Los Angeles, Vie, Avita Co-op, and Visionary are just a few of the short-lived green fashion boutiques that opened and quickly closed in the last few years.

Perhaps those boutiques might have done a bit better if they’d thought more along the lines of “black is the new green.” A Wall Street Journal article points to fashion preferences across the nation, which show many shoppers strongly prefer black clothes — except those in the Southeast, who most prefer white.

In fact, in the West, the three most popular colors are black, white and gray. If you plan to open an eco-fashion boutique in Los Angeles, stocking your shelves with earthy brown tones and bright green hues may not be the best idea!

Looking into my own closet anecdotally confirms the Wall Street Journal’s report; my friends have described my wardrobe as that of a witch! While I only own one pointy Halloween hat, most of my duds are indeed black.

While the Wall Street Journal article reports mostly on mainstream trends, it also points to some encouraging green signs that favor local, handmade fashions:

Los Angelinos … like things casual and locally grown — in food and denim. And Brooklyn, New York, is increasingly a center for indie fashion, with designers whipping up jewelry in their apartments, selling them at the “Brooklyn Flea” market and wearing home-sewn clothes.
How about your eco-fashionable closet? Do the colors you buy reflect the trends in your part of the country?
What color is your green closet?
Most shoppers prefer black clothes, according to new shopping data. Do eco-fashionistas prefer their green clothes in black?