Eco-fashion from Nau

Nau’s one strange eco-ethical fashion company that opened a bunch of retail stores, closed them all up, then sold itself to Horny Toad and is now apparently back to focusing on selling fashions. A company focused on both cutting edge design and cutting edge sustainability, Nau’s now back with a brand new fall line that merges innovative style with eco-corporate transparency.

That said, I know all of you are going to complain about how expensive Nau’s fashions are.

Sustainabilty doesn't always come cheap -- Which is why I think frugal eco-fashionistas should check out Nau’s sale items — because Nau’s got some great fall-friendly eco-fashions for sale.

Men: Check out the jack a-t jacket above. We’re talking basic but hip, good for any event design — made of 100% organic cotton and on sale for $92.

Women:The merino2 ls crew is made out of a warm but light merino wool that’s Zque-certified — which, according to Nau, means “high standards for animal welfare, environmental health and social values.” That top’s on sale for $47.

Plus, 2% of what you spend will go to one of 5 nonprofits you select. I bought a Nau shirt a while back — and still wear it on sporty occasions. The stuff’s made to last!

Photo courtesy of Nau

What's eco-chic Nau
Eco-fashion company Nau's now back with a fall fashion line -- and a bunch of still-hip eco-fashions from previous seasons.