Are Miss America contestants as green as the Project Green Search finalists? Maybe not quite — but now that environmentalism’s hit the mainstream, even 2010 Miss America contestants want to talk about how they’re living green. And you can find out how your state’s contestant’s walking the green talk via the Green Is Gorgeous interactive eco-contest.

Simply click on the map on the Green Is Gorgeous webpage, and a video snippet will pop up showing green TV host Tamara Henry, a.k.a. Green T, asking each Miss America contestant “What does green mean to you?”

Apparently, Miss Colorado’s a big fan of reusable bags and bottles, while Miss Kansas enjoys recycling. Other contestants simply talked about eco-initiatives happening in their state or university. Miss New York, for example, is happy her state is switching over to hybrid taxis, while Miss Montana’s glad her school gets the majority of its energy from wind power.

Many of the contestants' answers will be eco-tips MNN readers have already incorporated into their lives long ago — though unusual tips like upcycling Pringles cans were thrown into the mix, too! All in all, I found it somewhat encouraging to see that 51 mainstream Miss America contestants (Miss Alaska and Miss Louisiana were not there to take part in these mini interviews) had at least some knowledge of eco-happenings in their state or schools — and had even made a few personal lifestyle changes to lower their carbon footprints.

Check out the videos, then vote for the contestant you feel has the best green thing to say by Fri., Jan 29, 2010. The first “Green T – Green is Gorgeous Award” eco-contest winner will be chosen that night — which is the night before the Miss America 2010 Pageant — and given some as-of-yet-unannounced eco-conscious prizes.

Who's the greenest Miss America contestant?
2010 Miss America contestants talk about how they're going green for the “Green Is Gorgeous” Interactive Eco Contest.