Wildlife Works combines fashion and activism in a style-forward, colorful and totally wearable way. According to their mission statement, "every dollar spent on our products goes directly to job creation and community development in rural communities around the world. That’s right, directly. There’s no middleman or non-profit that the funds go through to get where they are most needed. At Wildlife Works, our mission is clear: to provide people in wildlife-rich areas with sustainable economic alternatives to poaching and deforestation."

Not only is this a worthy goal, as we hear weekly stories of the increased peril already-endangered species like rhinos (who are literally being poached to death) and elephants, but the clothes are way chic too. They are all made with various types of organic cotton (jerseys and knits, for comfort), and are even carbon neutral; the organization is super-transparent about its supply chain so anyone can see how that work. The organization is even partnering with Puma as part of their project, Consumer Powered Conservation.sm

Duara batwing sweater in 100% cotton fleece

Alamsi harem pants in 100% cotton jersey. 

Elephant boxy tee in 100% organic cotton

Almasi organic cotton jersey leggings 

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Wildlife Works eco fashion t-shirts and more
These organic, carbon-neutral t-shirts, leggings and tanks get endangered animals the help they so desperately need.