There are some pretty funny articles making their way around the Internet (warning: maybe NSFW) regarding the C-string (in fact, 2013 might be the summer of the C-string!), which is basically thong underwear that has no sides. (It's not shown here since the images probably aren't safe for work, but click through on the link above and you can see them). They are available for both men and women, but women seem to be more interested in them. No doubt they look incredibly goofy (but then again, so did regular thongs before they became a totally normal thing to wear), but they have become pretty popular in Europe for a reason.  I haven't tried a pair, but here's why they actually might be awesome (besides having the least amount of material of any underwear ever). 

No panty lines: Thongs eliminated lines over the bum, but for anyone who has curvy hips, most thongs or g-strings dig into the skin at the sides, making for a less smooth line there — or the option of wearing Spanx to smooth it out, which nobody wants to do in the summer! Many of the comments on articles about C-strings suggest going "commando" instead of wearing one, but if you are wearing a short skirt or dress, that can be dangerous, or at least lead you to worrying about crossing your legs constantly or afraid to sit on the ground. A C-string functions as underwear, just without the straps at the side. It's not called "invisible underwear" for nothing. 

No tan lines: Most of us don't have access to a place where we can tan nude — or wouldn't feel comfortable doing so. A C-string covers up all the controversial bits and still allows one to get an even tan (whether that's a fake tan or one from the sun). 

Reports thus far have been positive; people have worn them all day, gone dancing, and worn them in the water without losing them. (They do look like they might fall off easily, but apparently, that's not the case.)

C-strings come in all sorts of colors and patterns, though sizes seem to be one-size-fits-all, unfortunately. Click here to see various pictures of C-strings (might not be safe for work, though there is no nudity). 

I would try a C-string; would you? 

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Would you wear a C-string?
This is some seriously minimal underwear! Here's why it could be awesome.