Clearly, I love hats (I just wrote about them here for Vintage Fridays last week). I keep hats upstairs in my closet, downstairs by the door, in my car, and at my boyfriend's apartment.


The right hat has the potential to take an outfit from kinda okay to really cute, and for women at least, it's not expected that we have to remove hats indoors, which means we can keep our style statement on (and hide a bad hair day). I'm a big fan of vintage hats, because not only are they super eco-friendly (some have been around for decades) and stand the test of time, but they are inexpensive. 


So when I got a message from the folks over at Yellow108 about their upcycled and eco friendly hats, I clicked right over, hoping they wouldn't be too crazy looking (hat designers often go over- or underboard) or budget-breaking. I was thrilled to find all kinds of cute hats, at totally reasonable prices ($28-$38) that were cute, sometimes colorful, and in classic-with-a-twist style. And all made from materials like salvaged wool, hemp, organic cotton, and upcycled cotton shirts. 


The Canyon Lady in navy felt is probably my fave (the top image here), but check out all the other cute styles below (and many more on their site): 

The Go Big Beanie in yellow salvaged wool (it comes in blue too) is an easy way to liven up an outfit or brighten up a grey day. 
A classic men's style made from salvaged wool. Love the grey and brown contrast of this fedora together. 
Earflaps are key for really cold days, and this ones tie at the top for when you don't need the protection. The submarine cap here is made from hemp and lined with insulated organic cotton. 
There are a number of baseball cap styles, including a denim version, but this printed version was my favorite, made from recycled hemp and organic cotton. 

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