Were you inspired into environmentalism after reading Thoreau's Walden -- or perhaps my review of Robert Sullivan's new book, The Thoreau You Don’t Know? Do you dream of living in something akin to Thoreau’s little cabin?

You're not alone. Read the Tiny House Blog, and you'll see that many, many people share your enthusiasm for small spaces. After all, they're so cute to look at! Written by Kent Griswold, the Tiny Houses Blog's goal is "to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin."

One cool Tiny House expert Peter King, a Vermont builder and homesteader whose work's featured in this short video from the Stuck in Vermont Vlog:

If you're lucky enough to have Peter teach a class near you, you can learn how to build a house of your own. In fact, some Southern Californians are going to do just that next weekend, April 10 - 12, when Peter will be at Four Elements Farm, near Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County. Sign up, and you'll gain the knowledge to create the Tiny House of your desire over the weekend. The class costs $250 per person; get more info or register by emailing Ryan Rich at ryan@4elementsfoods.com.

Your own private Thoreauvian cabin
Get eco-obsessed with cute tiny houses -- and maybe even build one of your own!